Need Compact Battery For New Fishfinder

Hey all,

I went out yesterday and bought a new fishfinder, the Humminbird Pirahna20. It looks cool as heck, but I’m a little worried about finding a nice compact power supply for it. I don’t need the power supply to last 12 hours on one charge, just 5 or 6 hours would do. I can always throw a backup battery in my dry hatch.

It will be installed in a 12’ Perception Acadia, preferably near the front of the boat so it stays out of the way of my rod holder. I can’t wait to get this thing installed!

Any help is appreciated!!


Cabelas has what you’re looking for. 12v gell cell + charger. I think for about $30.

2-6 volt lantern batteries…
and a homemade battery box wire them in series to produce 12 volts…last a very long time. At one time Someone did sell a set-up just for this, it was a battery box and you mounted the finder on top and it’s used for ice fishing

motor cycle battery

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you might want to check out a battery used on a motorcycle, they are rechargeable and last along
time.Also some lawn tractors have small light batteries. Goodluck.
?. Is the transducer permenately mounted? How?
happy paddling!

Thanks, everyone!
I ended up ordering two batteries and a trickle charger from Cabelas. They had the best value for 12V gell cell batteries. They are nice and compact.

I have the transducer suction cup mounted now, but will permenantly mount it after my trip to Canada, where I need the transducer on another boat. I have the Pirahnamax20 fishfinder mounted way in the front of the boat. There’s only 3 buttons on it, so I just use the rod tip to push the buttons, since it’s too far from me to adjust by hand while I’m in the cockpit.

I’ll be “beta testing” it out tomorrow hopefully.

You might also try mounting the xducer on a boat shaped board and towing it. Mine is mounted inside the hull with poyurethane adhesive/caulk. Make sure there are no air bubbles and tape it down real well as it takes a week to dry. It is a pain but it is the only stuff I have found that will stick to the poly boats.