Need Creek boat advice


I have been white water kayaking for over 30 years,

need some advice on a good creek boat, there are many small lazy rivers in the area, my current boat does not cut it, water in a few feet deep, slow moving with alot underwater stumps, trees, etc,

I am looking at several kayaks, main features:

I am looking for is flat bottom, ( preferred ), small, but big enough for 6ft, 200 lbs man. Can not be a knee paddler, since serve injuries from service unable to bend kness for any lenght of time.

Thanks for all suggestions.

Look at the Jackson Karma
I must admit, I have not paddled one but talked to quite a few who have. They seem to be quite popular in the Southeast area currently.

The boat comes in three sizes and has a pretty flat bottom but enough volume in the ends to resurface after drops and avoid unintentional loading of the decks and uninvited back enders:

not sure
I entirely understand your question, You have whitewater experience and ask about a creek boat but discribe streams that might do well with a rec boat. what boat do you now have that doesn’t quite cut it?

Recon or Stinger
If you want a conventional creeker, I’d highly recommend the Wavesport Recon. However, with the description of where you paddle, you might want more speed and I’d go with the Liquidlogic Stinger.

Not sure I agree re Stinger
I had the same confusion as Bushwacker, insofar as the poster seems to want something more akin to a rec boat for use on shallow slow-moving rivers with a lot of obstacles, as opposed to what most WW kayakers think of as a “creeking.”

In terms of the Stinger, while it’s a great boat (I own one) it doesn’t seem to meet the OP’s professed criteria in that 1) it’s not really flat bottomed and 2) it’s not “small” for a river boat.