Need current Suwannee River report

We will be doing the entire Suwannee River soon. I see that it is currently pretty high (65 ft above sea level at White Springs). Anyone have any reports of a current paddle/ river conditions in the last week?

How’s Big Shoals this week?

Wondering about current, rapids, places to camp since the sandbars will be few.

Any recent reports/advice appreciated!


Check with this oufitter
for river conditions. I

paddled for a week on it last June at 64.50 at White Springs, there were no sand bars, the current was very fast. Big Shoals was Kickin. We stayed at state parks & river camps which are all below White Springs where we put in. KK

Thanks - we’re using them but they
didn’t have any recent recon of the upper parts of the river nor Big Shoals. I’d love for someone who is up there to chime in with a report from the last few days.

ACA outfitters also didn’t have a recent report/recon.

I’ve heard Big Shoals may be just a fast bump in the water right now. Trying to really cut down on my stuff (8-day trip) so that I don’t have dry bags, etc strapped to the top of my kayak - in case I go over!

We’re psyched because we have long days planned and with these high water levels, the current will really help us. Just need to be careful…


Another thing
to be careful of is floating debris that is often coverd in fireants. Just a slight bump into it will send them all over you & your boat.

Camping & maps
I have paddled the Upper Suwannee River several times and here is what I go by:,00060,00062

If the CFPS is less than 200 don’t bother going, river is too shallow.

If the CFPS is between 200 to 400 there is very little current but camping on sandbars is at it’s best.

If the CFPS is between 400 to 600 there is now some current to help you along the river but the sandbars are starting to disappear.

If the CFPS is between 600 to 800 the current is flowing pretty good but the sandbars are gone and camping spots are now hard to find along the banks.

If the CFPS is above 800 the current is hauling butt and you will have a real hard time finding easy to get to camping sites. I recommend to start looking for a camp site at least 2 hours before dark.

Here are some good river maps.

I like this one the best because it has everything, river mileage, GPS locations and pictures of the locations.

Thanks for the info - already have

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the maps- they're great and they send them to you if you call. This trip will be interesting and hopefully not too exciting!

BTW here is the latest reading:
Most recent instantaneous value: 2,560
That's off the charts per your matrix!

Your right, at that flow rate I would
put in at Fargo, GA real early and plan on paddling to Big Shoals on the first day. It’s a long way but doable with the current. If you get lucky you might find some place to camp along the way and not have to go all the way to Big Shoals. I see people camp at the HWY 6 Bridge and Cone Bridge Road all the time but these look like local party spots.

Putting in in the swamp and may have to
stop at Fargo for the first night and then push for Big Shoals the next day. I heard they may close Holton Creek river camp if the water rises much further. That is one of our planned stops so will cause some more logistics problems.

Real hope is to camp somewhere south of Fargo the first night and blow through Big Shoals because at this water level the rapids are not there and the Big Shoals camping area is in danger of flooding out. The next available campsite is Suwannee Valley campground which would be fine - maybe 4 to 6 miles downstream of Big Shoals.

We’ll keep watching the levels and hope they stop rising and even go down a foot or two. Raining in GA right now…Thanks for the advice and if you know of a place to camp below Fargo, pls let me know.


Camping at Big Shoals shouldn’t be a
problem. If the Big Shoals camping area is in danger of flooding out then you really shouldn’t be on the river in the first place. Scout the Big Shoals rapids carefully. I have seen many people flip at the bottom of the rapids where the water has some really strange currents. At normal lower water levels Big Shoals is run on river right near the bank.

suwannee River
Try this site, he is usually pretty up-to date

Thanx - Bill helped me a lot on
our first trip down the Suwannee. I bought his book and DVD. No up-to-date reports on his site. I found some phone numbers and called Big Shoals park and talked to the ranger and others. Water is fast for the Suwannee but not out of hand. Big Shoals is fast water with little rapids so we may run them.


suwanne river
A group of 4 in kruger Sea Winds Paddled from fargo, GA to Suwannee Fl Feb 5-11. Water was high around 66 feet at White Springs. No trouble finding camping spots. We were able to paddle through Big Shoals 1-2 foot waves. Total paddling time 38 hours 219 miles.