Need Day Touring Kayak Advice

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I presently own two Sundance 12 kayaks, which I love. This will be my third season kayaking. I intend to keep these as they work great for fishing out of.

However I would like to perhaps purchase a nice day touring kayak. I'm 59 years old, six feet tall, and wear a size 12 shoe. I weigh about 240 pounds, and working to get a few pounds off. I would be using the kayak on inland lakes. I may want to do an overnighter once a season. The kayak would be for cruising only. I wouldn't fish out of it. I prefer a "poly" material.

Stability and comfort are important.

I do plan on attending Canoeacopia. However perhaps you can steer me in the right direction or recommend a 'yak that might not be at their show.

Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff- I really enjoyed my Calabria

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this year. It is a high volume boat that I think might fit you. It's quick, stable and comfortable (14.5', 50 lbs. and 25" beam). The plastic is also first rate. Only problem I have with it is weathercocking because I did not want a rudder.

Prijon will be at Canoecopia. Ask for Landis.

My husband has an Old Town Adventure XL139 that he really likes…wide, large cockpit, high back seat. He’ll just stretch out and work on his tan, while I take off in my sea kayak. This boat has 2 hatches for your “stuff”. He does have a rudder, but doesn’t really use it much.

Dagger Specter is a good option
I’m 6’2" 190lbs and feel a little loose in the cockpit so I think fit won’t be a problem. I have the “Airalite” version which is a little over 15’ long.

The boat is comfortable, hatches are pretty dry and it actually moves along fairly quickly. I can sprint over 5.5mph and keep a steady 3mph going otherwise.

I’m happy with it for day trips and although I haven’t yet, I think you could camp out of it for at least a long weekend.

Could use more deck rigging… but that’s probably the only complaint… plenty of these available used.



Check out the Old Town Adventure series

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I am a little heavier than you, and I had an Old Town Adventure XL-139. It is 13'9" long, by 28" wide. It is a rec kayak, with sea kayak styling. It also has front and rear bulkheads and hatches for dry storage. I really liked the one I had. I just upgraded after that one to a composite kayak.

If you want a longer kayak, check out the Adventure XL-160. It is 16' long, by 26" wide. I have not paddled one of these, but I undershand they are a nice rec kayak.

With your weight, I would reccommend staying away from the Daggar "Spector" from the post above. It is a nice boat, but when loaded with weight like yours & mine, it has a Bow shape that plows the water when you are trying to make any speed. I tried one, and while trying to get uop to a decent speed, the water was curling up from the bow like snow from a snow plow. This is not good, as if adds a lot of resistance to your paddling. I asked the dealer to paddle it, as his weight was only a little less than mine, and he agreed with what I found. This would be ok for a lighter person, or someone with no interest in maintaining speed.

Good Luck in your search

check out

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some nice rec and touring kayaks that would be perfect for day touring

they recently added new kayaks to the list

Tempest 170 Maybe
Good thigh support.

A couple of choices…
I am 5’10", 225lbs…size 12 shoe and have demoed a bunch of boats…which btw is a blast. You might want to check out a Tempest 170 or 180, an Impex Assateague or perhaps a Susquehanna. The Susquehanna will give you a tad more initial stability than the rest, but will take you anywhere…it is a great all around boat. Demo…demo and demo some more as we all have different operational definitions of stability and comfort.



(0r is the plural Tempi?)

For big-guy day boats I was also thinking the Tempest 180 but I don’t think they do it in plastic. I’d try the 170 but you may be too big. Aside from that I’m not aware of too many boats that fit the bill (but then I’m a trifle smaller). Maybe a plastic Looksha IV or a Tsunami 145 (The Tsu being wider and maybe not as high performance).

I 2nd the vote for the Prijon Calabria
This is an excellent day tour boat for a person your size. Strong plastic, easier to manuver, and very adjustable. See Prijon at the show.

Take a look at…
The Necky Zoar Sport- and the Eddyline Merlin XT or the new model I can’t remmebr the name of. You will find these to be roomy enough and very comfortable.