need duct tape residue removal help

I just picked up a nylon cockpit cover at a gear swap and the seller had put the price on a 10" piece of duct tape. Needless to say its a sticky mess now. I have heard of the “goo be gone” stuff but have never used it myself and was not sure about how harsh it might be on the nylon. Anyone have any experience with a related situation with residue on cloth or any ideas for removal?

Alcohol Does it. NM

Citrus base cleaner like
Deslove-it will work…

Goo gone
From using it, I think that goo gone is basically very concentrated citrus oil. I think if the nylon is uncoated then it shouldn’t hurt it at all.

any of the above or lighter fluid…
If you have lighter fluid or alcohol around, no need to buy a special product.

Try peanut butter
Oh, wait, that’s for getting gum out of your hair. I use Goof Off, or WD40.

Oh, did you know that duct tape removes warts? I didn’t until my wife started using it on a wart my stepson had. It really works. Something in the adhesive must dissolve the wart over time

I believe that the key to duct tape and warts is the fact that it cuts off the oxygen to the wart. Something about it not getting enough from the blood stream.


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Is the word "psychosomatic"?

My mother 'spooked' a wart off me when I was a kid. Some incantation about a full moon and eye of newt. It works.

Oh yeah... tape goop. I use WD40.

I’ve never had one.

What’s it like?

Holy Water works too.

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Study on warts, etc proved that was "psychosomatic" effect. Faith can do a lot!



Will clear the sticky mess

Nail polish remover
Try nail polish remover. A guy at a paint store once told me that their expensive adhesive remover was basically nail polish remover. Should take care of any residual adhesive easily.

I Don’t Care!
as a small macho kinda guy, I just can’t walk into mall store and ask for nail polish remover… Gotta be a hardware store:

Me: Yo, dude, what do I use to get the duct tape gunk off my extreme paddling gear?

Clerk: Yes, Goo-off will cost ya $10 bucks. Pssst… try nail polish it’s cheaper.

Me: Aargh! Give me that Goo Off.


Money on image is money well spent. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Can I Call Your Wife On That?


Nail polish remover is acetone.I would
hesitate to use it on nylon.Goo Gone is gentle and works on most sticky stuff. I havewn’t used it on duct tape residue.

It removes/dissolves superglue, though.
I agree, be careful with acetone on any synthetic. On the other hand, acetone (or nail polish remover) is great if you’ve ever superglued your fingers together, or to some inanimate object(don’t ask me how I know).

More duct tape
Sometimes (not always, but usually) I can get tape stickum off with more tape. Take a fresh piece of tape and blot at the sticky stuff until the tape pulls it off.

If the wart is on your nose you have special powers. You can actually fly around just sitting on a broom.

works great for adhesives and does not hurt the finish in my experience.

Vegetable oil
Same principle as peanut butter, but easier to clean up. Rub it in to dissolve the sticky, then wash it with detergent to get rid of the oil. Might leave a stain on the nylon, though. If it does, I guess you could just apply it evenly so that it’s all the same shade.