Need Good Kevlar Repair Guy

My kevlar (white get coat) prospector suffered some damage and I need to find a real good kevlar repair guy in Northern New England. Its not a huge crack but the gel coat is cracked and I want to get a good professional repair job done. Any suggestions?

Also, the lovely wood gunwales are broken and I need someone to make up some new gunwales - any suggestions?

I live in central Vermont so I could go to Vermont, Mass, New Hampshire Maine or North eastern New York.

I don’t check here often so it would be great if you could email me.

Rob Gerety.

I would start by calling NE canoe
manufacturers who build composite boats. I would suggest Kaz at, but he NEVER uses gelcoat. He uses vinylester as his primary resin, but epoxy for seaming. He routinely uses ash gunwales.

You mentioned gunwales and ribs, so I think you are going to have to check with the smaller canoe manufacturers in NE.

Why would you ask for information from people on this site and then say…Oh, by the way, I’m not really interested in looking at responses ya’all post so E-mail me directly… I don’t get it…

Manufacturer Recommendations
I would give the manufacturer of your boat a call. THey may be able to recommend someone who specializes in repairs or has specific gel-coat expertise. Also, though the gel coat may “look” white, there are many different shades of white gel coat and you may want to order the gel directly from the manufacturer to get the best color match.