Need greater bar rack spread - 4 Runner

Does anyone have experience with mounting a Yakima bar far forward of the rear factory rack rails on a late 90’s Toyota 4-Runner? If only the rails are used for towers, the spread between the bars would be only around 4 feet … too little for long canoes IMHO (too much cantilever force outside of the bar spread). So, I’d like to use the factory rails only for the rear bar towers and adapt some other attachment system for the bar towers located nearer the windshield in order to achieve a maximum spread that the roofine will allow. The overall aim is to have a system that can be attached and removed easily (for aerodynamics), be lockable and strong for large canoes. I know it will be spendy … but, once set up right, I’m hoping it will serve for all kinds of boats and gear. Thanks for any specific suggestions and experience you can share.

4-Runner and Yakima
I use the the Yakima attachement that fits in the factory rails for the rear and the standard Yakima towers on the front doors. This system comes off or on in less than five minutes. You should have no problem getting as much spread as you need. The towers on the front provide a much stronger connection with less flex that the rear attachement to the rails.


a nice span
I have a 94 Toyota pickup w/shell and felt the same way about using the gutter mount

attachments that bolt on the shell for use with

gutter mount towers, too short and put every thing rear of the truck. As others

indicate, I used the regular mounts at the front of the cab and the gutter towers

at the rear. I know the older four runners shared common body parts with the pick

up when looking for front door mounts. This gives a nice span that’s very happy at speed.