Need: Hard Hatch Cover for Arluk lll

I’m in search for a hard shell (stern) hatch cover for a Necky Arluk III circa 1990s. I’ve been scouring the web for one. Called Necky/Johnson Outdoor, to no avail. Does anyone out there have an old “parts boat” from which they’d like to sell a hatch cover from?



Madison, Wisconsin


Do you have the neoprene cover that
goes under the hard hatch? Do you have the straps and stuff that hold the hard hatch down?

If worse comes to worse, you might have to make a hatch cover out of fiberglass. You would first have to put the neoprene hatch cover over the hatch, and then cover that with thin, flexible plastic. Then, using a quality epoxy and a few layers of fiberglass, you would have to lay up a hatch cover.

I can understand why you might not want to get into that, but it could result in a usable hatch. I would probably glass in some closed cell foam as a stiffener.

You might check around to see if there are fiberglass repair shops where the techs have had to custom make shapes for cars.

you are likely going to be making one
or perhaps you can cannibalize another kayak somewhere. Here would be my approach, get some luan plywood and some edge strips and fabricate one that fits over the neoprene cover. Once it is size right, get the mat and epoxy out and make it stiff and waterproof. Then you can paint it whatever color you want. But that’s just my solution.

I think you are on a wild goose chase trying to find one but enjoy the search if you choose…

Why mat? Why not cloth?

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And he would need to be cautioned to use *only* mat that is certified compatible with epoxy. Most mat is not.

Make one

just used “mat” in the general sense,
wasn’t intending to be specific. He doesn’t have to use epoxy either, if polyester resin is what he can get or find that will work as well. there is a variety of materials that can work to build this hatch cover, the point is that the something needs to strengthen the hatch and make it waterproof.

You’re right in that thin plywood would
simplify the process of covering that open space.

Hatch cover article
Top Kayaker sells the neoprene cover and has an article on making the glass outer cover.

Great article, though if the remaining
Arluk hatch is not the same as the missing one, procedure will have to be different…