Need hatch covers for Aquaterra Chinook

Anyone know if I can get replacement plastic hatch covers for a 16’ Aquaterra Chinook?

Call Perception. They will either have hatches or can tell you where you might find some. Good luck. Vaughn Fulton

Chinook replacement hatch needed
Tinosoli - did you have luck with finding a replacement hatch for your Chinook? I called Perception and they were not able to assist. I also need one. Please help if you can. Thx.

chinook hatch cover
u really can’t - assuming u mean the rear - perception doesn’t carry old parts - very unlikely u would find someone hanging on to one as a souvenir - ur best bet is take the old one or borrow one from someone to use it as a mold to make one out of fiberglass -

if u meant the front one - good luck - u might find the exact size browsing the net - but again unlikely - they seem to use a proprietary size made just for them - u can’t just walk inti a marine store and but the same one!

  • nick