Need help choosing a new kayak


I usually go once a year for a 100km+ class III-IV trips so it is a 7-9 days trip.
I own Sevylor River XK2 for more than 15 years. I love the boat but it is getting old and I do not trust its bladders. Unfortunately they do not do them any more.
Over the years I got used to this kayak. I sit in the back seat and can take tons of gear with me. It is long enough for me to control it from where I sit and narrow enough for me to not hit the tubes with the paddle. Lynx II is two long for me (I tried) and I hit the side tubes when I swing the paddle because it is wider (annoying).
I can’t find anything that meets the same profile as Sevylor in length and size of tubes that will also be reliable on class III+.
I am considering Lynx I or Outfitter I. I like the size of Lynx better. But I like the stability of Outfitter but also concerned that it is shorter and wider thus I might be hitting the tube when swing. Any advice is welcome.