need help choosing canoe

hello all im new here.

so, 14 years ago i lived in Dublin Ireland, i trained to be an outdoor persuits instructor and did alot of whitewater paddling. i got a job teaching school kids canoeing on a lake. after a year and ahalf i was sick of sitting on a cold lake for 8hrs a day, so i packed in the job an went travelling.

since then i have only been on the water a couple of times.

this brings me to today, i am in the process of buying a house on the south east coast of England, (i hope to be in by christmas). the property is one metre from the beach and has wicked views over the sea.

im really excited about getting back on the water but i don’t know what type of canoe/kayak to get. some of the sea kayak look difficult to roll but at the same time the little short canoes are no good for long sea paddles.

i need something in between. i want to play in the surf and do longer trips.

can anyone recommend a boat that could do everything well, a bit of an alrounder.

thanks for taking the time to read this

any help appreciated


Decked or open? One blade or two?

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I'm guessing that you are asking about what we in the americas call a kayak, typicaly a decked boat paddled with a double bladed paddle vs what we would call a canoe, typicaly an open boat paddled with a single blade.
If that's the case google something called a Rockhopper. You might find that of interest.


Look at the Necky Looksha Sport and
the Necky Looksha IV. Both are maneuverable to a degree and good for poking around rocky coasts. You should learn to roll. Find a competent sea kayaking group.

For ocean conditions, Canadian canoes are out of the question.

Southeastern coast? I have ancestors in Kent, and a few years ago when my son was in University of Kent, we visited in Canterbury and got over to Dover a couple of times. One of my favorite novels is Russell Hoban’s “Riddley Walker,” set in post-apocalyptic Kent.

the line is getting blurred
between what’s a canoe and what’s a kayak. I think it’s cool but I’m sure that is very unsettling to some of the polarized hardcore paddlers. lol

hi guys
Hi guy,

thanks for the replies. i didn’t notice this was an American site, not that it matters, wherever there’s water there’s paddlers!

here in the UK kayaks are seen as the open top boats and canoe covers everything else.

im going to look up the kayaks mentioned earlier.

Kent is south east of London about 250K from me.

(that’s only a stones throw for you guys).

its a beautiful part of the country.

i 'll let you know what a choose.


You might find the Rob Roy interesting

i’d suggest a kayak
i’ve put 5,000 miles on my rob roy and love it, for southwest florida. wouldn’t want to be paddling one on open Atlantic off the rugged coast of England. don’t think it would be all that safe.

While having tea in St. Ives, Cambs…
…a few years ago, I saw kayakers practising rolling

near the bridge there, so instructional clubs are available. If I lived in England, I’d be on the water all the time-streams and canals galore.

Ah yes, St. Ives!
on the river Great Ouse, just downstream a bit from Godmanchester. What a place -