Need Help Choosing Paddle

I just bought a leftover ‘08 Necky Manitou 13 this winter and now that spring is here, I need to get a paddle. For the last 4 years, I’ve been kayaking, but never in my own boat. I’m 5’ 10" and the kayak is 24.75" wide for reference. I’m looking to spend around $100 or less. I will be doing easy rivers, flat water and open ocean, nothing crazy for mileage (so I can deal with a slightly heavier paddle if necessary).

I’m hoping to grab some suggestions from people so I can go check reviews/price/availability at stores and then try (if possible) a few before buying it. I just need a place to start! Thanks in advance!

Is there anywhere you can borrow/demo paddles to try a few before you buy?

Fiberglass paddle shafts are usually more comfortable than aluminum ones.

220 would be a reasonable starting point given your size and the boat size. I’m 5’9" in a 22" boat and 220 is too long for my paddling style. If you go too long it makes it harder to paddle straight, and the swing weight increases.

Aquabound has a good reputation for value – the Sting Ray FG might work well for you. The Werner Skagit would be another possibility.

I second the Werner Skagit
Great paddle for a good price. Slightly over your budget at $130 though. Well balanced at a reasonable weight.

How about the Seven2 ISO?
I just stumbled across this while trying to plug away at reviews. It’s also a little over my budget @ $119. Any ideas on how it compares to the Werner Skagit?

Thanks for the responses!

Used a Seven2 only once
I personally thought it felt weird because of the hand grips. Even though it doesn’t happen often, I like the idea of being able to use the whole shaft and the hand grips won’t really allow that. The FG and Carbon construction is cool but the weight savings doesn’t seem that significant with this paddle. The overall shaft is very skinny so durability may be an issue if you lean on them heavily.