Need help fast - rudder installation!!

I decided to install a the rudder on my Prijon kayak this evening. Finally located where I had stored the rudder, which was supposed to have come with installation instructions. Well, I don’t see them.

I’m supposed to leave for a kayak trip tomorrow morning… should have done this sooner but I didn’t think it would take too long.

Googled the net and the Wildnet site and can’t find anything. Does anybody have instructions they could e-mail me quickly? Or can you give me a link to somewhere on the net? It’s a Prijon balanced wing rudder, for installation on a 15’ Prijon sea kayak.

I’d be eternally grateful.

thanks to the wayback machine…

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since the Wildnet site was redesigned... see if this is what you need (copy and paste the whole path into another window):

This is perfect
THANKS!!! I owe you big.