Need help finding a destination

Hi, this is my first post, but checking things out for a while. I have a Boy Scout troop that is looking to do about a 4 day flatwater canoe trip. I was hoping to get a trip in grand Tetons, but just got word that they are booked up and only have forst come first serve spots available.

Here’s what I’m looking for, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

trying to not go any farther than Yellowstone (about 20 hour drive) from Phoenix.

We are going in July, so desert areas are a bit too hot for that long a trip

Need to ability to camp along the way

Would prefer a lake, but not one that is filled with power boats (I know, not many options in the west), though open to suggestions if there are places on the lake where they are not allowed or don’t go often

Though lake is preferred, we are certainly open to rivers, provided there is light whitewater or has a portage option around harder stuff.

I think those are the main things we are looking for, let me know if you have any ideas.


Some Ideas
Check out Camp Hunt at Bear Lake Utah

and East Bear Lake Boy Scout Camp

The high adventure Ely Canoe Base is fantastic but not for younger scouts.

in Yellowstone
Launch at Lewis lake, paddle across, then up the channel to Shoshone Lake. Lots of campsitrs there.

Flaming Gorge is interesting
You can start where JW Powell started his Grand Canyon expedition. You start in high desert and paddle down into the mountains. There is no firewood, but enough marinas where you can get fresh water if needed.

There are mild rapids just below and lots of other options further downstream but I’m not familiar with them. There are power boats but the lake is so big it doesn’t matter.

Good Luck


Thanks for the responses, looks like we are going to scale back the trip this year to a long weekend, then do Boundry Waters next Summer. Now with just looking for a couple days of paddling, there are a lot more choices.

I’m taking the family to Yellowstone regardless now, so will get a few days out on the lases there, probably Lewis & Shoshone.