NEED HELP getting a spray skirt

i cant seem to figure out what spray skirt will fit a swifty 9.5…i need one in the worst way but cant choose what fit or just whats good…input highly apreciated

Go online to
Immersion Research: and give them a call. They were very helpful recently in helping me choosing a skirt to fit my boat.

I don’t know if Harmony still …
makes them, but that is the ones we have for our Keowees, which are the original Swiftys.

They fit great and we use them in white water and in surf.

jack L

2nd IR
Measure the circumference of the coaming, as well as its length and width (outside dimensions) and call or email IR. I like the Excursion touring skirt, but they may steer you to something better.

Because Swifty is a common boat by
a common maker, you have an excellent chance of ordering a proper fit from IR or similar providers. If you are near a dealer with a large stock of skirts, however, just take the boat there and try skirts out until you get one that fits the cockpit and also fits your torso. Try to avoid excessively tight torso tunnels. They restrict the twisting motion of paddling. You can always wear a paddling jacket over a relatively loose tunnel to keep splashwater out.

Seals sprayskirts
Seals makes great skirts and according to their sizing tool ( ) their size 4.2 would fit the Swifty. REI carries a good selection of Seals skirts:

Gotta ask…
Just looked at your profile and you list WW as one of your paddling venues. Are you looking for a skirt to be able to take this Swifty into whitewater? Or is it for the flat stuff you list?

This boat and WW do not belong together.

“The bride” just corrected me.
The are Aquaterra.

jack L

Spray only
For keeping out spray and a little whitewater a skirt is okay, but a huge skirt is likely to implode or cause you problems if/when you capsize or swim, so a Swifty with a skirt is not really a viable whitewater kayak for Class II+.