Need help identifying a canoe

12' kevlar canoe

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rumors are it was either purchased at Cabela's or it was built from a kit.

Many thanks --Marc

Geodesic Aerolite
The only canoe i have seen that resembles your boat was from a kit from Monfort Associates. They have several models and this may have been an earlier design or the builder may have modified the design. Google Monfort Associates, geodesic canoes.


Second that opinion
looks like a Monfort design…DIY…

Not from Cabelas for sure.

The skin of one of these geodesic boats could have been dacron or heavy duty plastic.

I am not sure if anyone used Kevlar but it is possible. The builder could use a variety of products .

Platt Monfort Snowshoe Explorer

Yep, it appears to be a Platt Monfort design, but a modified version of the Snowshoe Explorer with a 38" beam and 12’ length.

Bette Monfort ultimately confirmed it as a Platt design.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction,