Need help identifying a kayak

Hey everyone, new to the forums. Just picked up a new kayak for free. Feels solid. No soft spots, floats and doesn’t take on water.

Problem is, no clue what it is… Make nor model. I didn’t care when it was offered to me for free!

Can anyone help me figure out what it is please?!

Serial# TCR00828F787

Thanks in advance!

Made in 1987 by T. C. Fiberglass in Cedar Grove, Indiana (TCR was their HIN code). No longer in business – but it is an old school “pointy boat” whitewater slalom kayak. You will probably need flotation bags if the hull is open bow to stern. They don’t track well in flat water but if you fit in it and can get a spray skirt it could be fun in minor rapids and small streams once you know how to handle such conditions. Paddle looks like cheapo junk – if you decide you are going to keep and use the boat, get something better. For now if you use it in whitewater you will want to set the blades at an angle to each other – if the connection point has extra holes to allow you to do that. Can’t really tell from the photo.

Awesome, thanks for the info! Yeah, the paddle is a cheapo. I plan on getting a new one. The kayak does have the bladders inside it now. I need a skit for it as it didn’t come with one. We have a small white water section on a river that runs through town where I live. So I can play with it there.

What recommendation would you give for a paddle?

I am not a whitewater paddler so I can’t make specific recommendations, but you can never go wrong with Werner or the more budget-friendly Aquabound paddles and their websites have useful info on type and size selection. I only ever owned one ww paddle and it came with a boat I bought used. I honestly can’t remember the brand (maybe Aquabound) or model since I only used the boat and paddle twice before I remembered that I don’t really enjoy whitewater and sold them to somebody who did!