Need help identifying a kayak

I just bought this kayak and have tried and tried to research the manufacturer but with no luck … It’s a sit in kayak , blue and white fade and The decal on the front used to say from what’s left is "escape " with a star over the last e but the only company I know with an escape is riot and this doesn’t come up on any searches … Please help … Can’t upload pics but can email anyone that might know what I have …

Thanks in advance

More details
How long is the boat? Glass or plastic? Any other details? Hatches? Etc?

NC Kayaks makes an Escape also.


Hoping that this link will take you to a picture I uploaded on Flickr

Find the manufacturer
First three characters of the hull identification number is the manufacturer. Look it up on the USCG site.

Maybe a Pelican Escape? Looks like it’s missing a few parts.

I looked it up and it comes up kl industries , which is the maker of sun dolphin . This is definitely not a sun dolphin as I live up the street from rural king here in weeki wachee florida and they are a big sun dolphin dealer , the plastic "resin " it’s made from is not the same , this kayak has a more durable rougher mold then the flimsy , smooth feel of the sun dolphin … I have researched and kl industries makes things for other brands ( Johnson outdoor, Seahawk,playmate ,etc.) but I can’t find a list of companies they have collaborated with . From the vin I know it was made in jan. 2006 but that’s about it … Just curious to know