Need help identifying kayak

Can anyone hazard a guess as to the manufacturer or model of this kayak? I have searched every inch, inside and out, and have never found a registration number.

I came by it probably seven years ago (long story). I haven’t used it in years, but I love how it paddles and it needs some parts in the foot peg system and a pin for the rudder. I’m open to suggestions for replacing those if that may be the better way to go. Thank you!

I’m not much help but it looks pretty decent. Can you post larger pictures? The bow hull shape at waterline is interesting and might be a clue. If the footpegs are simply bolted through the hull you can buy new and replace. Ace Hardware has a good selection of stainless hardware and you may be able to find a pin for the rudder there.

Sea-lect Designs for pedals.

Also could install

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It looks like it was made by Current Designs. Their older kayaks look very much like this. Some dimensions would help to narrow it down. Check out their website. They have a lot of the documentation on the website. It looks a lot like a Solstice but without dimensions I can’t be sure.

Possibly Solstice ST first generation of Solstice line.
Probably not Solstice ST

It could be a storm. This is the Roto version but they did make a composite version in the early to mid 2000s. The deck rigging seems to match but again without knowing the dimensions it’s only a guess.