Need help identifying Sawyer 1987 model

-- Last Updated: Jul-22-14 2:05 AM EST --

Hi folks, - just became the owner of a 1987 Sawyer canoe model manufactured in May 1987 (...E787).

I'm excited to start paddling but first I'm intrigued by the lack of model info on the hull id. And catalogs are hard to find, for me.

The layup is Superlite - s-glass, kevlar and foam core laminate.
No floatation mats.
stern seat - set
bow seat - slides
around 17'9'' - not sure how to measure it correctly

My question is: what model is it (maybe a Cruiser)? what's the difference between Superlite and Goldenglass? and would the foam core laminate provide enough floatation or does it need augmentation?

Thank you and I will post a picture during the weekend and additional measurements to help aid this discussion.

oh, and I would love to get a peek from the 1987 Sawyer catalog...

Probably a Lynn Tuttle designed Cruiser at 17’9" in that laminate.

More flotation can be added by bonding mini-cell blocks, say 2" wide, 6" tall and whatever, ~ 36" lengths, as high under the rails as they can fit, located to minimize interference.