Need help identifying this canoe that I just bought

I recently purchased a very nicely used canoe, 17 footer I was told, but there are no serial numbers or plates or stickers to be found. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Looks homemade to me.


Made from a strip built kit or by a talented wood worker.

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Yes. homemade stripper. there is some dry rot showing where the deck plate meets the front of the bow. Water gets trapped in there when they are upside down.

You can fill the holes with marine epoxy, mixing it with wood dust will make it disappear. I would do some light sanding on this boat and varnish it with UV resistant quality spar varnish. It is a really nice using canoe. A great purchase.

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Tape measure would confirm that…

Strip built boats are usually built by DIY builders. Some were built by companies but I think the lines of the gunwales indicate this was probably a homebuilt. Upside down would show the strip pattern better.

It is likely covered with fiberglass cloth, epoxy and varnish. If it isn’t it will be a maintenance problem. The deck plates are not good as mentioned.

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Give us some dimensions, we want to know.

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Someone’s project during the after Christmas season.

I would really like to see the bottom of the hull. Most woodstrips are covered with 4oz. glass. It keeps the weight down but is too easy to wear through.

If there are deep scratches you will need to cover them with new glass. If you are one who likes to drive a boat onto shore, I would recommend using 8 oz glass for some ablation resistance,

When it is sealed with epoxy and that epoxy has cured for a few weeks, varnish it with a good varnish. 2-3 coats of Z-spar, Petit, or Epiphanes will keep the epoxy from drying out.

Hard work but worth it; strip boats attract attention, always.

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I did find out it is indeed homemade.

It’s actually 17 1/2 feet long and yes I found out it is homemade.

A lot of hours and skill in that boat.

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Dude I was also told there was a 1 seater plane that he built that was stored in the same garage. And btw people…I paid a whopping $100 for this canoe! Killer buy from what I’m seeing online :slight_smile:


Joints look good…pattern a little random…

$100…sure you rarely get what the home built cost

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The hull looks like it could use a coat of glass. Easiest way is to buy a book on building a woodstrip boat. is the cheapest place I know of for epoxy and glass cloth.

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