need help identifying this Werner Paddle

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I bought this from a person who didn't know what the model is. it has very stiff blades and a push-button Ferrule with two positions and weighs about 30 and a half ounces. you can see the picture following this link (cut and paste)

Couldn’t get your link to work
There’s no model name on the paddle?

Maybe try an i.d. at Werner’s site:

Blade looks like an old Camano maybe?

Measure the blade in cm.
Then go to the Werner site and match it up.

Looks like my first paddle

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It was the slightly heavier, less expensive version of the Camano. Would have been about 15 years ago.

I can't remember its name and it is no longer made. The blades looked like plastic but were stiffer than the cheapie crap paddles.

Price for it new was $140, I think. If I wake up in the wee hours suddenly remembering the name, I will post it here. was the Mid Tour model. Mine was 220cm.

likely is a Skagit

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I have several Skagits of various vintages -- the Skagit (list price $129) is the most common paddle included in "starter" packages for first-time touring and sea kayak buyers from outfitters (that's why I've ended up with so many, from buying used boats from people who throw in the paddle they got with their boat, just as my first sea kayak came with a Skagit.) They are also the Werner paddles you see most often in rental liveries. Decent paddle, a little bit heavy but rugged and cheap and not an overly large blade for beginners.

The Camanos look somewhat similar but are lighter, closer to 25 ounces. Skagits run 30 to 36 oz, depending on length, at least per my scales and their blades are slightly SHORTER. They vary in color from year to year -- I have blue shafts with white blades and black shafts with yellow blades. Also have seen Skagits in black shaft with brown, orange or red blades and sometimes with the darker shade across the tip, like on yours. And of course, all black for carbon versions.

Easy enough to check. Got a tape with centimeters on it? A Skagit will be 49 cm from base of blade at the shaft connection to the tip and a Camano will be 52 cm. Width is nearly the same, less than a half cm difference.

(thanks for catching my typo on the Skagit blade length, Celia)

ADDED: Oops, another correction: the Skagit is shorter than the Camano, not longer (changed the description -- edit is in caps above). My dimensions are right, just scrambled the description at the outset.

Did you mean 54 cm length?
I looked at the pictures of the paddles and thought maybe Skagit too, the common use of them for rentals would leave a lot around.

Same Here - Link Don’t Work
Even tried typing it in w/o luck.

Sorry can’t help.

Werner did some research and found the m

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thanks to all who replied. Werner says it is a 10 to 15 year old kalliste made from fiberglass. I took it out a couple days ago and the blades are definitely buoyant so they must be a foam core. the blades are also much stiffer than the Camano that I checked out at the store.