Need help identifying vintage canoe

Howdy all, this is my first post on the forum. I figured the best place to start would to try and get my recent canoe purchase identified. The seller thought that she could perhaps be an old Sawyer from the 70s, but it’s very hard to say. There aren’t any identifying marks on the boat at all, other than the interesting stem shape and thwart placement. Any ideas?

Probably worth mentioning also that both seats were originally mounted directly through the hull. The forum would only let me upload one photo on my first post so here is another.

Not sure what it is but pretty sure it is not a Sawyer.

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Pretty lines and great gunwales.
This could be a really early fiberglass boat.
The stem suggests some of the traditional w/c Old Town lines like the Molitor.

I don’t know what it is, but I really like it. I’ve always liked that style of ends. Can’t remember the right term for them.

Isn’t she lovely? You should see the ash now, after about 7 coats of Deks Olje, it looks better than new. I love how the recurve doesn’t make the bow and stern too tall, and this catches a little less wind, but the recurve is really extreme, especially at the bow.

I think the fiberglass is pretty old, on the inside you can see a really heavy cross-hatch pattern. The weave looks to be a little less than 1/4 inch which I have never seen in newer fiberglass.

The gentleman I bought it from referred to it as a “modified Kootenay” design, referring to the recurve in the stem. It definitely integrates into the rest of the boat differently than that classic high recurve. A pleasure to paddle for sure.