Need help id'ing hull

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I just bought what I thought was a Wenonah Minnesota II Kevlar Ultra Light in need of restoration.

A previous owner painted the canoe and removed all decals and the ID plate. I made my preliminary ID based on measurements and stiffener layup.

The only mark on the canoe is a number impressed into the hull "R085 2 58". The canoe is 18.5 feet long with a current gunwale width of 35 inches (home made gunwales and thwarts so it could be off a bit). Centre depth is ~13.5 inches.

Here are the pictures of the layup (trying out the bike fit for transport)

Wenonah claims the number does not correspond to any format they ever used.

Does anyone have any other alternative theories on what this could be if not the M2KUL?


Looks kinda like Wenonah ultralite
but what do I know, never saw one in the flesh that I know of.


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It might just be a Sawyer Cruiser 222? Or a licensed copy as the number isn't right for a Sawyer and they were known to license production (at least to Scott here in Canada)

This is turning into a real mystery.

Maybe a Rainbow?
Got a hint from another forum that this might be a 80’s racing canoe from Rainbow in Vermont.