Need help ID'ing our new old Mad River

Just brought home our new baby, Hull ID: MAD AX669 B888
It’s Royalex and the seller thought it was an Explorer but those seem to be marked EX not AX. Anybody know which boat the AX indicates.

It may refer to the lay-up. Look carefully at the material.

AX is probably a model code but I don’t know what model. If you do some homework someone here will be able to tell you the model.

First, is it a solo or a tandem canoe?

Second, is it composite or Royalex? If it has end flotation tanks it is composite. If it does not it is Royalex.

Take an accurate measure of the length overall from tip to tip of canoe at its longest point. This will usually be at the tips of the deck plates. Take an accurate measure of the gunwale width at the widest point of the hull itself, subtracting the width of the outwales. This is the “molded hull” beam.

Take some photos of the boat including a shot of the full length of the interior, a full-length side view, and a good shot of the bottom of the hull showing the hull bottom cross sectional contour.

Post that information and those photos here.