Need help in sizing WW OC1

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I am looking at buying a solo WW canoe to paddle class III-IV. I'd like to find a used one, fully outfitting for

How about…

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How about............the rest of the story?

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for some reason it is cutting off most of my post. tried updating and new post (obviously) and no luck

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I read the post yesterday and it was all there. Not being a canoer, I wasn’t able to give advice. But it was there.

What are you paddling now?
What sort of paddling do you want to do?

River running, creeking, playboating, slalom, wildwater?

How big are you? Height, weight, shoe size?


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I give up (tried on multiple computers). Thread is posted at: Thanks anyways guys!


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If I were you; I would test paddle as many whitewater canoes as I could "before" I purchased one.

One boat which I owned & paddled for several years, and would suggest you attempt to find & paddle is the Mad River Outrage X. "No doubt" it will handle your height & weight with ease; no matter if you are 200 or 275 lbs. It will still be very manueverable. Decent initial & secondary stability "after" you adapt to it. It is a boat that a beginning OC-1 paddler can start with, but it won't let you down in higher classes of whitewater either.

You are NOT going to want to paddle class 3 or 4 in whatever canoe you get from a sitting position, unless you are "one hell of a paddler".
I "highly recommend" that you outfit whatever boat you get with a saddle, air bags, foot pegs & thigh straps. Additionally, I highly recommend that you gain some paddling experience in an OC-1 on "lower" classes of whitewater before you even consider attempting to run class 3 or 4. Finding knowledgeable, skilled, whitewater paddlers to assist you will most definitely be in your best interest. They can assist in teaching you the new skills you'll need, and can also provide an element of safety. Don't attempt difficult waterwater solo; big mistake for a beginner.

The Mohawk XL 13 is another, beginner friendly/learner solo that could deal with your size. They occasionally come up for sale quite cheap, and often with outfitting. I found one, cheap, fully outfitted, and ready to paddle last year.


IMO At your size you want a small tandem/solo. Most 13’ or less boats will be small and WET. Again IMO.

Dagger Caption would be my first choice. Mad River makes them now so you can find them new$$$.

Mowhawk Probe 14 is another but I can only tell you that I’ve known some big guys who like that boat. Never paddled one myself.

The Dagger Caper is the model previous to the Caption. It’s got more beam, a little more forgiving and a little less speed but otherwise not a bad choice.

Many of those boats come with a triple saddle for solo or tandem. Quite handy in a rescue situation.

Paddling solo you will want to be centered in any of them.

And yeah, if you haven’t paddled whitewater before start off on the class IIs and work your way up.