Need help installing thigh supports

Hi everyone. New to the forum and was hoping for some help.

I have a older massive mojo kayak that I acquired but has the thigh supports removed. I was wondering if anyone knew any bolt on supports that would work. I have 2 existing holes on either side of the cockpit in the flat just outside the lip of the skirt. I can show pics if it helps. I would rather not get into molding microcell I was hoping for something bolt on.


I respect your feelings, but after havin
done substantial thigh brace mods on three kayaks, with very good results, I would never look for a bolt-on solution.

Still, those holes may prove helpful. The first step is to attache something, perhaps with those holes, that will provide a firm base for whatever foam you might want to glue on, just as a comfort measure

In my most serious surgery, I had converted a c-1 t a kayak. (Noah sold it both ways.) After laying up a rim for the skirt, I needed something stiff enough to withstand the force of my thighs. I used pieces of the composite laminate that I had cut out when I had enlarged the cockpit to Prijon dimensions.

It was easy enough to epoxy the pieces in place, and they actually looked like they were factory made. Then I contact-cemented some stiffish minicell onto the underside of the added plates, and started shaping.

If minicell thigh blocks are rather thick, they may squidge around in an annoying fashion. Such blocks can be firmed up a bit by using any sort of fabric, except carbon or glass (itch), and laying it onto the minicell blocks using contact cement as a “resin”. No need to cement two surfaces. It just soaks through the cloth reinforcement, and then dries.

Another approach to plates. Pieces of poly cut from a plastic trash can may be hear-formed and drilled for your holes. Maybe you could do trial attachment with the pre-existingholes. Probably you would need sanding and contact cement, or even G-flex, once you have things right.

All this isn’t easy, and it’s unlikely that you will find a one-step, bolt on solution.

Thigh supports.
Thanks for the info. I am a total newb when it comes to kayaks. Lol

I have heard of people using a 6" PVC pipe as the stiff base. Apparently you cut it to the size of the thigh supports then epoxy to the underside of the cockpit then covered in a sheet of microcell. The natural curve of the pipe cups your thigh. I don’t know if this will work just reading different option available.

Thanks again for your input.

Mini cell foam not so bad …
Once you start experimenting with it, you can custom fit your kayak and it works well. Glue the stuff in place when you are finished shaping with Dap weldwood contact cement. You can also glue velcro and have outfitting that you can remove if you want.

I would stay away from PVC pipes, they might come loose and stay around your legs and cause issues in an emergency exit.

That diameter of PVC pipe might
be thicker and heavier than you want.

Maybe I can find and post links to a couple of kayaks where I had to modify and build up (down?) the thigh braces and padding.