Need help on choosing a boat

I’m looking for my first whitewater boat. I already know what I want to do with it and what kind of boat to get, but I can’t decide between three boats. I’m having trouble deciding between a Dagger Mamba 8.0, a Dagger GT 8.1 or a Liquidlogic Hoss. From my understanding these three boats are all about the same, but I’m wondering which one will give me the greatest versatility when it comes to being able to play a little and creek a little. Also, I don’t know which will fit me better. I’m 6’4, 190lbs and have a size 12 shoe. If anybody has any advice let me know.

Playing And Creeking…
are the opposing ends of the spectrum when it comes to white water boat designs. Playing requires lower volume and slicier ends. Creeking requires higher volume and rounded ends to avoid jamming/pinning the ends.

If you new to the sport, what you probably want is a river runner, or the shorter, river running play boat.


playing and creeking
thanks. i get that they’re on the opposite end of the spectrum… but when I was looking at the hoss (a riverrunning play boat) I was told that you could creek in it. so maybe my question should be can you creek in something like the hoss or the gt or mamba (which are all riverrunners with somewhat of a planning hull design)

more stuff
i guess basically im wondering which of those three boats will give me the most versatility, because being new to the sport im wanting to do a little of everything

None has much play potential
They are all three essentially river runners that will front surf to some extent on smaller waves. The Hoss is the best of the three in my judgment for river running. There is creeking and there is creeking. If you are talking about class IV creeks (which is what most creeking is about) or higher class creeks then none of these boats is acceptable. They will get you down class III however. If you really want to do more than front surf waves get a Jackson Fun in the appropriate size. Or if you have the bucks and are an aggressive learner, get a Drago Rossi Pintail. If you are buying used, try a Wave Sport Big EZ. There are other boats as well if you want a more complete list.

more boat stuff
I liked the pintail but don’t have the bucks… That is exactly what I’m looking for though. What would you say that the closest thing liquidlogic or dagger makes to that is? (I’m working at a dealer… which is why I’m focusing on those two brands since I can get a deal) What about the liquidlogic jefe? That’s more of just a creeker right… Would it be able to surf like the hoss?

River Running
The reason that I dont want to go with a straight play boat is because the majority of what I’ll be doing is full day down river runs and maybe a few overnights. I want something that will run a river but still allow me to surf a little but I would also like something that will allow me to handle some drops too. Basically its dowm between the hoss and the jefe now… what do you think?

If “Surfing” Is the Main Play…
than any planing hull will do it well. A longer boat will get you on a wave easier, unless it’s a micro wave (you wouldn’t even know you’re on it).

When the “play” gets into squirts, 360s, end to end, then you need a lower volume, slicier boat.


The Jefe is a good boat but really more of a pure creeker. The Hoss will do all you are talking about and be reasonably forgiving.

awesome. thats what i needed to know. thanks