Need help on Paddle size

I have a dagger axis 10.5 that is 28.5 wide and I’m 5,11 and was wondering if anyone could fill me in on a good paddle size for myself
Thanks in advance

I’ll start off the debate; I’m sure many others will chime in.

You don’t say you have a preference for high or low angle paddling, but a 220cm paddle would be a decent start.

Don’t buy a really expensive paddle - that will come later! - but don’t buy junk. Something like an Aquabound Sting Ray ($150-ish) would be a very decent starter paddle. Keep it for about a year then make it your backup/spare after sort out your paddling style and you buy a full carbon Lendal or a Werner.

Great plan kfb. Definitely no longer than 220cm in length.

You know you have the right size paddle when, with a normal paddle stoke, you are not hitting the side of your boat and for the majority of the paddle stoke the entire blade is in the water. No more and no less.

Correct forward paddling technique is critical for efficiency and enjoyment. There are dozens of tutorials online. If just starting out I always advise taking a class that will teach things like basic technique plus safety, rescues, etc. before you develop bad habits like I did starting out.

The vast majority of paddlers prefer a low angle paddle. With the width of your boat and your height I would think you would be in the 220-230 range. Most reputable dealers will let you exchange a paddle, but if possible try and borrow one and try it out. I would start with a 220. Many people are sold paddles that are too long for them and their boat.