Need help picking a touring kayak

I recently went on a trip to Pennisula state park where I went kayaking on Green bay. After doing so I decided I needed to upgrade my kayak that I have had for the past ten years. I’ve decided that I want to get a sit in touring kayak. My problem i’ve had trouble finding a good kayak that can support my weight. I am currently 300 lbs and i cant lose the weight because of my scholarship. I am looking for something in the $800 dollar price range does anyone have any suggestions

There are boats that will fit that weight range, but it also will matter how you are built. if it is muscle, then likely you will fit many of the high volume boats that are listed for more than your weight (look for boats that are listed as carrying at least 350 pounds). But if you are a bit more flabby, then you would also need a much larger opening.

If you are also tall, then that will add other complications.

Some boats that should be possible:
Necky Eskia - large cockpit opening, so might be good either way
Valley Aquanaut HV - more for the athletic 300 pounder.
Prijon Kodiak
Valley Etain 17-7
Wilderness Systems Tempest 175

I would definitely try on water if at all possible, At the very least, sit in the boat for a few minutes to make sure you feel comfortable.


You should be able to squeeze into a Wilderness System Tempest 170, and in plastic you should be able to find one used for a decent price.
Nigel Foster Shadow is another big boy boat.

Current Design Titan also would be another possibility.

Thanks I appreciate the help