Need Help Picking Kayak !

I am looking for some feedback. First, I have to have an inflatable due to location and shipping. Second, I am looking for ocean kayaks for both my kids to use while heading out to reefs to anchor and snorkel from and a larger kayak for my wife and I to do the same. The larger one must be sturdy enough to also head out to sea if necessary and pick up or tow back one of the kids if necessary. The water here is 1-2" chop and mildy windy (5-10mph) on a good day inside the reef break and can be up to 8 foot swells in the open water.

I have settled on two Sunnys for the kids but have not been able to narrow down the larger kayak. I think I would like a Sea Tiger for myself but cannot find too much on it from users. The fall back boat if I cannot get a Tiger shipped here is the Super Lynx based on size and capacity. However, I can find even less on the S. Lynx from people using it in the ocean. I have also looked at the Feathercraft Gemini but am not sure the 30" beam is stable enough?

If anyone has any input please let me know what you think or have seen/experienced out on the ocean.

Not much experience with inflatables
But, your choices are not limited to inflatables. Why don’t you go and demo some kayaks. Go to Ojima some weekend. Sasao Outdoor Challenge brings a wide range of kayaks and was charging about 1000 Yen/person to try as many as they wanted back in 2001. Better yet, bring a couple of cases of beer with you and share. You will get treated to an awesome beach barbecue. They were still active last summer. Makeman sells sit on top kayaks. There is a small shop on 58 just south of the Manza Beach Hotel that has a good selection of sit on top kayaks. Look for the orange and green striped canoe in front of the store. Want to try a Feathercraft? Call the Okinawa Qajaq Center Mr Nakamura speaks a little English. His shop used to be in a Naha red light district, but has since moved.

One of the best known paddlers in Japan, Mr Shokita, has shops in Nago and Ginowan

Last summer, a friend of mine told me there were about 50 outfitters on Okinawa who either rent, guide or sell kayaks. You can also check out I have lots of Okinawa kayak pictures there. You can also have a folding kayak mailed to your FPO.

A couple of Japanese sites