Need help plan vacation next yr ADKS

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Hello--I am asking for help in planning a vacation next year to the Adirondacks. My family is me, wife and twin 6yr old boys. The boys and I really enjoy canoeing. My wife doesn't. We've never been to the adks. I don't mind camping, but my wife insists on modern lodging.

Can anybody suggests an affordable family resort where they have activities planned throughout the day/night? And where me and the boys can go canoeing for a couple of hours too? Thank you.


Stillwater Reservoir


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Hi..since u didn't not mention which part of the ADK's your interested in ..I volunteer the Old forge (water park)
to Blue Mountain Lake area( ADK Museum) in western ADK's. Lake Placid is the central High Peaks area with some serious hiking trails. Tupper/Saranc Lake area might work for you too. then southern edge of ADK's is Lake George area.
All have plenty of waters to canoe and there's hiking( mild to wild ) ,golfing,fishing.
and there are cabins/hotels/motels etc in each area. Plenty of state parks , some w/cabins in most areas.

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Rustic is not cheap

There are plenty of other places…I just happened to google that one.

Maybe too isolated
for the poster’s wife, and not the easiest paddling conditions? There are other lakes where the family would be closer to nonpaddling activities and services.

I’m not sure you necessarily need a lodge that has planned activities. There’s quite a bit to do and see in the Adirondacks, even for young children. I suggest a home base in Saranac Lake and day trips down as far as Old Forge.

For places to rent see

Southern ADKs

Who are the activities for?

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Do you mean planned activities for the 6 yr olds, so that both you and your wife can catch a break? I suspect so but am not sure. Or educational stuff for the whole family? I'd add the Visitor Information Center run by Paul Smith's College in Newcomb as a resource for the latter. For museums, add the Wild Center ( to the list.

For another way to tour, especially with the little ones, there is the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. (

Are you guys interested in very basic hikes? There are short ones that the kids could manage, though I am not a resource to tell you which ones.

For cultural, there has been a theater company operating in the summer out of Westport, on the southeastern edge of the Daks. There is also the Pendragon Theater (