Need help planning a canoe route

I am planning a trip to the Adirondacks and came up with a route using the Adirondacks paddler’s Map. We are leaving next week and want to do about a six day trip. part of the trip would be in the St Regis Canoe wilderness area.

This what i came up with it looks good on paper but I have no idea of the area.

Day 1 park at Hoel Pond (map shows a parking area)

Day 2 Floodwood Pond

day 3 Buck Island on Upper saranac Lake

Day4 Fallensby Clear Pond

Day 5 Polliwog Pond

Day 6 back out to Hoel Pond

Does anyone have any input or other suggestions. I believe this is all free camping on the lakes I chose with no reservations needed. Correct me if I am wrong.

This area is close to home only about 21/2 hours drive.


Check this forum
Try here:

they have a paddling section and lots of knowledgeable folks post there.

your trip
can’t help you with your trip, but hope you have a great time. I just finished a 4 day trip on the coosa river here in alabama the first part of this month…it was great, learned a bunch of stuff, and saw some alot of neet stuff.