Need help! Sealant for Carolina 14?

I am trying to reseal the foam bulkhead on my perception Carolina 14 since the foam has come apart from the boat. I’ve read that this is a common problem and that it just needs to be resealed. I was originally just going to use a silicone sealant, but then thought I should probably find out if there is some reason I can’t use silicone or if there is a certain kind I do need to use. Is there anyone out there that has done this before on a perception that can lend some advice? The sooner the better because I’m supposed to go on a kayak trip this weekend with a well known nature photographer and do not want to miss out on that opportunity!!

You can
use silicone but I would use Lexel.It’s harder to find but superior hold.With anything thoroughly clean/remove the old sealant.

the carolina I got well used, after I pulled all of the old sealant out, I used Locktite Marine sealant ( on one, and silicone on the other. Then in case I missed anything, after it cured, I put a coat of Rustolium spray seal over the caulk job.

Seems to hold water out.

I think if I had spent a lot more on the boat, I would have looked into something more kayak related.

Definitely Lexel
Superior to silicone & sold at Ace, True Value, Lowe’s, Amazon, and others.

X’s 2 on the Lexel
I use that on our plastic boats as well as our composite ones

Jack L

IMO, silicone is a poor choice for a
sealant or glue on any poly kayak… I haven’t used Lexel and wonder how flexible it is.

I do tend to gravitate to polyurethane sealants, Aquaseal and Seam Grip. But they are costly for an entire bulhead restoration.

Native Americans used to chew spruce sap until it was nice and sticky.

thermoplastic ?
3M 77 glues thermoplastics. Is your hull a thermoplastic ?

email 3M

No poly hulls here and no Lexal of which I’m curious.

the following posts are from an earlier time discussing ‘linear polyethylene.’

Weldwood Red is always recommended.

Wal’s Loctite Fabric adhesive is probably always useful. I tried it on new Nubuck with a brief wipe down with water/paper towel. Sets hard, difficult to remove.

The 77 if applicable is designed for large section adhesions more than small part adhesions. Mask of the unwanted surface, prep the wanted surface prob with CHOH, DRY, take a deeeep breath, spray and attach. Use a fan to blow the spray away from you. Do not glue the alveoli.

3M makes a line of softer adhesives in Home Depot as Marine 4000/5000. Stick to most plastic surfaces but not as a stiff non elastic epoxy hard compound more of a very hard putty…takes a while for this stuff to set up…like a week in hot weather.

What are these plastic hulls ? Lnear, HD linear, non linear, crosslinked, thermoplastic or what ?