Need Help Selecting a kayak

Hello I’m new to kayaking and I was wondering if the Pelican Maverick 100x that I am looking at would be worth my money. I will be using it in lakes, larger rivers and possibly in some intercoastal waterways. My max budget is $300 and my maximum length is 10’ so after looking in my area for used kayaks this seems like the best option. Thanks alot. here is a link.

The boat is not designed nor equipped for deep water, fast water or the sea coast. It’s barely a step above a pool toy and is only meant for ponds and shallow narrow streams. Has no bulkheads or safety rigging and its cockpit won’t support a spray skirt. If you want something seaworthy and $300 is all you can spend you need to keep looking for a use touring kayak. And a 10 footer is too short for ocean use. How big are you? Minimum for a small to average person on open water is 12 to 14’. For larger guys 14’ to 18’. You would not take a tricycle down an interstate highway and you don’t take cheapo rec boats out in coastal conditions.

Unless you are over 180 lbs, you can look at the Perception Sport Conduit 13, which is the minimum outfitted and priced boat for what you plan to do.

If that is your maximum budget…
then go for it.

My wife and I started with el cheapo 9 foot long Perception Keowees about fifteen years ago and I paddled many miles in mine in the ocean, lakes and rivers.

Even though now are kayaks of choice are long sea kayaks, we still use the little ones for mild white water rivers

I would suggest that if it does not have flotation you put some in the bow and the stern

Good luck

jack L

Instarted with something similiar
Had a lot of fun and still have boats like it. Paddle the creeks all around my house with those. I love my Perception Swifties.

Here’s the thing, hit a large wave or boat wake and it will sink, if you’re in deep water you will be swimming and trying to drag a flooded boat through any current.

Stick to places you can get ashore and drag a container of 70 gallons of water ashore behind you and you will have fun. If you got money for float bags then spend it on a boat that already has flotation.

I got adventurous with mine along an intra coastal waterway. One bad place on the route, industrial sea walls and docks along the waters edge with no egress, a crazy current from the river mouth, and here comes a sea going tug making about 4 knots that still sent a huge roller over the bow of my daughters kayak. I looked over and saw my daughter sitting there with a little ring of the coaming sticking out of the water and realized another 1/2 inch higher and we (she) would have been in a life threatening situation.

Stick to the water they are made for and don’t worry about comparing them to other boats of the similiar types, all $300 kayaks paddle like every other $300 kayak.

I’d pass on that myself
I was in a similar position when I bought my first kayak and was able to get (for $100 more than your budget) a brand new Current Designs Solara 100, which is still short but has bulkheads fore and aft and far, far better construction than that boat, as well as at least some rigging, a really decent seat, and two waterproof hatches.

When you compare this to another boat not sold at that location you’ll instantly see why no one thinks these are good choices for anyone. They are not particularly well constructed, are slow, difficult/impossible to edge, you can’t use a skirt (essential gear for some of what you’re talking about doing), and will sink if you get into waves.

Look around a little bit for shops that sell more expensive boats and see if you can paddle a couple of them, then return to that store and look at these boats again. The difference in how you see this boat will be striking, to say the least. This type of boat is truly a recreational kayak - good only for flat water rivers and lakes. A sit-on-top would be better if you absolutely cannot afford more (at least they won’t sink and will be a LOT easier to get back into in waves.)

Even better would be to shop around for a used kayak of better quality - you should have no problem finding one that will server you far, far better. It’s not a matter of what other people will think about your boat, it’s all about safety and performance - being able to do what you said you wanted to do without putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Just my $0.02 as someone else who started off thinking along the same lines…

Don’t forget to add the cost of the
PFD, paddle, dry bags, footwear, safety lines and registration.

Yak selection
If you want to fish bigger water, get a bigger yak, period. I have a 10’ and a 12’. I fish the inshore in the carolinas and sometimes feel the 12’ isn’t big enough even though it’s a very stable platform. Save up a little longer and buy one you can grow into, instead of one thats inadequate to begin with.

good luck

Keep an eye on Craigslist. I was in the same position early this spring. I had a very small budget. I was going to buy the $200 Pelican and kept an eye on Craigslist. There isn’t much in my area on CL at all, mostly either cheap boats for the same as you can buy them new or VERY expensive boats for good deals but $1000+ over my budget.

I was always looking at them at Dick’s and always looked at the Perception Sport Conduit. One finally popped up on CL used for $300. It’s not the greatest, but it is 13 foot, much nicer seat than any $300 new kayak, and has front and rear sealed bulkheads with hatch covers. I haven’t tested the watertightness yet by capsizing, but I get a lot of dripping in the cockpit while I’m paddling (possibly my poor technique) and I do see I get a little water passing through the front bulkhead. Nothing that would fill the front, just a cupfull of water that I haven’t yet removed after about 8 trips in the boat.

Being used and 3 years old, it just needs a little resealed in the front bulkhead. I can see where it seeps through from the cockpit.

I also found a Perception Carolina 14 foot which I really wanted for $500 complete with rudder. I really wanted it but it was gone by the time I got off work and could call. That was a $1000 kayak without a rudder new.

Another one that popped up on CL was a Perception Swifty which is a pretty popularly recommended kayak for a short boat. The Swifty is I think $500 and it was $285. That one was gone half an hour after I saw the ad.

So even if there isn’t much on CL in your area, they will still pop up if you diligently look. I’m very happy with my $300 Conduit, much happier than what I would have bought for $300 brand new.