Need help selecting layup / composite

I’m finally going to make the big purchase and get a good solo canoe for wilderness lake travel that, from time to time, will include some bony river sections with class II rapids (e.g., Chase Rapids, Allagash River). I think I’m pretty much settled on the Wenonah Prism, but I’m having difficulty deciding on the layup. Now that I’m in my 60’s I’m trying to cut down on the weight load for the portaging. The straight Prism kevlar weighs in at 34 lbs which I think I will much prefer over the flex-core kevlar layup at 44 lbs. I’m an experienced paddler and will be avoiding most rocks in the rivers, but there will be the inevitable scrapes ++ in my future. Any thoughts or advice on how well the Wenonah kevlar holds up and which direction I should go here would be very much appreciated.

Not my choice

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Not maneuverable enough for Chase and a wrapwould be a disaster
The hull shape of the Prism lends itself to waves riding up rather than deflecting down
A Hemlock SRT would serve you better or a Colden Dragonfly
Millbrook makes some touring whitewater composites but I am not familiar with them
The Hemlocks and Coldens are well engineered and come in around 35 lbs
I look at the heritage of Wenonahs. They come from lake country rather than bony rivers and also have a straight ahead heritage

Ditto SRT from Hemlock
It is perfectly suited to what you want to do. Talk to Dave Curtis about specifics of layups and any modifications you or he would suggest. That’s one of the benefits of working with a custom builder. Dave is a good guy who will be very knowledgeable and helpful.

poly sea kayak ?

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