need help to buy,,,,,,

HI all

I own right now 3 canoe,14 foot old scott

esquif presage,esquif vertige,

but i am reading a lot off good thing about kayak fishing,and i would love to try it,

so here its is,i am male…6.1,265 pounds,

i am in canada,so very cold weather and cold water for most off the year except mabe 3 months,

so what is the bestfor me,sit on top or sit inside,and what kind is good for my size,???

its will be mainly fishing,pike musky bass

thanks guys,


To be honest
I wouldn’t rush right out to buy a kayak. I started using kayaks to fish from. First with sit on tops then progressed to sit insides, because they offered more protection from the water (cold). I have since moved on to primarily canoes for two reasons. Comfort and capacity. With my canoes I can change body position frequently, something I can’t do in a kayak. I can carry more than one rod and get to them easily, something I can’t do in a kayak. I can easily enter/exit a canoe (good for beaching and fishing that honey hole). Finally, I can carry that big cooler full of “Pepsi” with room for a fish or two as well.

However, if you are totally infected with the kayak bug. You could not go wrong using an Old Town Loon 138. Very roomy for the big guy, comfy seat, really stable and damn near indestructable.

I moved in the opposite direction from
a canoe to a kayak. For lake fishing, I find the kayak to be the better choice. The canoe is roomier and you can carry that ice chest, but I get along very well on a small beverage container that’ll carry up to nine cans. Besides, water is better for you in hot weather. My kayak is a 9.6 Necky Sky. Its a roomy cockpit and, while I’m not that tall, I do weigh well over 200 lbs. It does well. The Loon mentioned above is a larger kayak with a big cockpit so it might do you well. As for carrying more than one rod, I carry two usually. I’ve two rod holders, one attached to the right side just behind the cockpit and one to a basket I’ve bungeed to the front of my yak. With the rod holders, its no problem carrying two. When fishing, I usually only use one, which is probably what you’ll be doing for bass and pike. I assume you mainly do catch and release, limits on bass being what they are and, from what I hear, pike are a bit bony. So, you don’t need a cooler for storing fish. One of the reasons I went to the kayak is weight. It weighs half that of my canoe. To get a canoe that weighs less than 50lbs usually means more $$$$ and, or going for a smaller one. All that said, I did fall in love with a lovely 13ft canoe with a sliding seat, but the damn thing was almost $2 grand. Of course, it only weighed about 27lbs.