need help w/boatbuilding info, please...

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please help me reconstruct my resources.

back when i had a real job and discretionary income, i was going to build a 14' arctic tern. i posted here for advice and info. many people were kind and generous with their expertise and resources.

'cept, i've switched computers and my bookmarks were lost in the process. i did an archive search here with no luck. (i think my thread was titled something to the effect of "so i'm going to build a boat" but it did not come up.)

right now i am looking for three specific bits of information:

1. someone provided a link to a great boat building forum,
2. someone provided info about a boatbuilder who tinted his boat with rit dye before applying the fiberglass, and,
3. someone gave me info about using line drawings printed on rice paper to "tattoo" the boat.

(the last who may actually have been on the forum.)

there were also lots of helpful suggestions on working with the epoxy and applying the fiberglass and the like, and i feel terrible for loosing it all.


Take a peek…
at the

Its the forum I have been using to get all kinds of advice from some very experienced boat builders… I heard there is another good one too… but cant remember the name.

Good Luck!

Have fun!
where it all began

I found that tissue paper,the kind that is used in gift wrapping works better than rice paper.Iron it first to get wrinkles out.Tape the leading edge of the tissue paper to a sheet of regular printing paper so it will feed thru the printer.Trim as close to your image as you can before you apply it to the boat. I did not put it under the glass just covered it with epoxy so if I decide to remove the tat maybe it could be sanded off.Still looks good after 6 years.

Boat building at
We’ve got some extensive info about boat building on our website as well as discussion forums for boat building as well.

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Boat building discussion forum:

Hope this helps.