Need help with finding a PFD

I need to find a PFD that fits my body type well and would like some help. I’m a small-boned woman with a very short torso and a somewhat ample bust. Do they make PFD’s for people like me? The types I’ve tried on all seem to be for people with longer torsos and they ride up on me. Does anyone else out there have the same problem? Thanks for any help you can lend. :slight_smile:

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I have
seen body glove makes a neo vest that may work. As for the short torso , that would seem to be your biggest difficulty in finding a vest. I have a few female paddle friends who seem to like the extasport vests. Have you looked at those yet?

May be a Extrasport Karma or a Lotus Lolita?

Lotus Lolita …

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You might try the Lotus Lolita. Supposedly designed to fit smaller adults & women. Has eight adjustment points; supposedly conforms to torsos of any shape? The tri-panel, hinged front may also be helpful in correct adjustment to your size. Supposedly, the Lotus Lola was originally designed for women........
If available close by; suggest you try on varied different models of pfds made by Lotus & Astral.


Astral Wonderjacket. Your body will
thank you. I also had trouble finding a PFD that was comfy and didn’t wander all over my body. I have a very round shape which works out to short waisted when sitting. The Wonderjacket is very adjustable and is built to conform to the ladies. And no crushing. Lovely. Try one.

Thank you northman, Bob and pamskee for your insights and ideas. We don’t have too many places to try different PFD makers on here in Ithaca, NY, so I’ll probably have to mail order a few and see what works for me. Your comments are very helpful. Can’t wait to get out on the Lake! :stuck_out_tongue:


Stohlquist Betsea? (nm)

Update on my PFD search
Thanks for everybody’s input. I ordered an XS Lotus Lolita and was surprised to find that it was too small around my chest, so I ordered a small to replace it. The Lolita is pretty compact and chunky but it seems to be shorter in length so I think it will work for my short torso. I ordered it in orange, which I hear is the best color (next to yellow) to be seen easily on the water. Can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can get out on the lake! :slight_smile: