Need help with first kayak

I’m getting ready to buy my first kayak. I have everything I need for my vehicle and to get it to the water. Now all I need is the boat. Going to demo a WS Tarpon 120 this Saturday. I’m 5’6" tall male and weigh around 155lbs. I want a kayak I can fish on and take for a normal cruise. Will be mostly on slow moving rivers and lakes. I guess you could say multipurpose. I can only demo one a day and have heard good things about the T120. Is this a good first kayak for my size? Has anybody fished off one?

Check out
the Pescador or whatever it’s called from Perception Sport.They’re the original version of the 120 for a lot less green.

It’d be fine.
Bernie’s suggestion is good. Also try a Ride 115 and a Jackson Cruise if you can.