Need Help with kayak paddle- Dagger Axis

Hi I need help deciding on a kayak paddle, I just bought a Dagger Axis 12. I’m 6’0, the kayak width is 27.5. I was looking at a 240 cm Aquabound all carbon Manta Ray or Sting Ray, they were priced down to $120 online, which one would be best? If not Aquabound, I was looking at advice on Werner paddles. I’ll be using the kayak mostly in slower moving rivers, up to class I rapids.

consider shorter
I have both an Aquabound StingRay and Manta Ray, and am happy with both. I prefer the Manta as I tend to a high angle stroke.

Based on the size of your kayak and height, my gut says 230 is the maximum width you want to consider. A 220 is probably more realistic.

Can you borrow a padle from a friend to try different sizees? You can also Google for paddle length selection tools and find some pretty informative sources.

Any carbon paddle will feel great compared to starter alumninum paddles.

Low angle vs high angle
Low angle vs High angle which is better for slow moving rivers?

Kayak sizing
Also having trouble determining kayak size I need… I’m about 6’0-6’1, width of the kayak is 27.5… I need either a 230 or 240 cm paddle but I dunno which.

Lots of long paddles for sale used
Not many used paddles for sale at 215 or shorter. I see stores pushing really long paddles and as people progress they move to a shorter paddle.

White water boats are wide and the paddlers come in all heights but the longest whitewater paddles are 202 cm.

Racing paddles are rarely above 215.

Unless you are paddling a wide and high gunneled canoe I recommend 215 max. You will learn to love it. My favorite paddle is an Epic Adjustable from 205 to 215. Works for every type of paddling I do from rocky rivers to surfing and touring.

Wide and Deep
Not only is that a wide kayak at 27.5" but at 15.25" even at your height you’re likely going to be forced into a lower angle stroke or you’ll be hitting your thumbs if you paddle steep and deep.

Go with the 240cm. It’s likely not your last paddle nor last kayak if you get hooked.

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agree on the 240

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I have a buddy (average sized slightly husky guy, around 5' 11') who paddles that same Axis model. When he got it I loaned him 3 of my paddles to try with it (215, 230 and 240). After trying all 3 he settled on the 240 length and has been happy with it, paddling a mix of flat water and some Class 1-2. He also chose a slightly broader blade than my touring paddles to give himself a little more push in navigating rapids -- yet another reason to go longer, so the blade would clear that tall wide hull without having to over-reach.

All carbon for $120?
I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but I would caution you to check that those AquaBound paddles aren’t some kind of hybrid. The normal price for AquaBound carbon paddles is around $375.

Something you should also check is how flexible the shaft is. I think I’ve looked at the paddles you are talking about and they are very flexible. Believe me, when you really have to dig in, you don’t want a flexy shaft, or blade.

If you can find one take a look at a Carlisle Expedition. They are all fiberglass and they don’t flex.

Or you might want to look at and compare to a Werner glass paddle–like a Camano