Need help with level 6 mitt sizing

Now that I’ve decided to go with Level 6 mitts, I’ve run into a couple of problems. First, I only see two sites online that advertise them. Acme Climbing, (and ZOAR;they want 9.50 for shipping?) Then one shows sizes individually; small, medium, etc. Whereas the other shows small/med, and large/xl. I know I need to go with a large, as I will probably wear liners, but worried and extra large would be too big. I checked the Level 6 website and they also show the broader sizing, so I’m guessing that’s right. Anyone else had this issue. I don’t have a store locally to try them.



only two sizes available
My hands are a typical Large, and I find that the L/XL size works great for me, but I’ve never felt the need to wear a liner.

Where Was I When I Needed Me?
Get the large. I screwed up and got the small/medium. I can use them but they’re a bit too snug. I bought the large/xlarge and they do better. I do NOT have large hands.

Level Six link
Hope this is of some help.

thanks guys!
just ordered them, in a lg/xlg, I may not need liners, as I’ve heard they are warm, but I have some nerve damage in my right hand which causes it to get cold easily, even when the weather isn’t cold.

Can’t wait to try them.