need help with my hoist

I know hoists has been addressed many times but I have a somewhat specific problem. I bought a bike hoist 50lb load limit, I have a 43 lb canoe. I am having issues with hoisting it up and down. One end comes up completely before the other and I need to figure out how to attach the straps to the boat to prevent it from sliding out of them until it is level. I have attached a load bearing caribiner to the hoist attachment and then wrap the straps around the boat and attach the j hooks on the straps to the caribiner, then hoist away. I also have separate j screws in the rafters on either side bow and stern so that I can place the boat on them after the boat is lifted. There must be a better way, as this is not working for me, what am I missing?

HELP appreciated,


Not sure…think this through
Sounds like you have one lift point, and from there you run straps to both ends of the boat, sort an upside-down “Y” configuration, is that right?

Why is one end coming up and not the other? Is one end lighter? Are your straps centered?

And your post makes it sound as if the hull is sliding through the straps, too. True? If so, it seems like you could solve that by limiting the size of the loop around the hull to something smaller than the middle section of the boat. Then the boat could not slide through the loop, although it could still slide out of the loop. You could attach a short line from a thwart (this a canoe or a yak?) or deck attachment to the loop to keep it from sliding off the hull.

If you are going to ultimately hang the boat from the stems, why can’t you attach your hoist to these same points. Wouldn’t that solve the problem?

Good luck with it.


I have a homemade hoisting system…
…but I lift in stages. Lift one end a bit, tie off, lift the other all the way, lift the first one all the way.

tough w/o pix
This kind of thing is tough without pictures. Can you post some? If so, do all the hardware pieces with no boat, then a time series showing the different stages as the boat is being lifted.

Or, if you can’t do that, search for guideboatguy and find another hoist subject. You should be able to find a link he has given for some nicely detailed pictures of his hoist set-up. Maybe comparing his to yours will help you see how to imporve yours.

As for keeping the boat in the straps when tilted, that should be fairly easy. After you attach the two straps front and rear, be sure they are fairly snug and that they can’t slide any further toward the middle. Then run a small rope from the front strap to the rear one so that they can’t get any further apart. That should keep the boat in place even when tilted.

Thanks all
I spent yesterday messing with the lift and I got it where I want it know! Memphis, I did use a strap between the two ( I was thinking of asking that when I posted) and it helps. I really think the issue is the lift itself. Being rated for only 50lbs (and a bike hoist at that) it just doesn’t have the ummphh to raise the boat efficiently… I did go to groundclutter and pull up all the old posts I could find before posting, which were great if I was looking to put in a hoist or build one, if fact I posted last summer when I first decided to buy one and when someone suggested the bike hoist, it was cheap, and within the weight limits so I bought it, probably should have bought a better one, and will probably at some point.

Thanks again!

me too, ever since I hit 50.