Need help with older Wenonah Spirit

-- Last Updated: Jul-29-15 11:33 AM EST --

Found an 86 Spirit with some gel coat repairs needed and missing seats otherwise structurally sound.
What would be a fair offer?
Thanks, Geoff


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Do I want the boat? $300-400. Don't need or want $200 would be my max.

Think about it…
It kind of goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.

Do you really want/need the canoe, or does it just look like a “good deal”?

How far from you is the canoe in question, and what will your round trip gas(canoe shuttle) cost be?

What will repair of gel coat cost you in materials?

What will (2) seat replacement cost be? Don’t forget to include shipping cost for seats, if they have to be shipped to you?

That’s your “real” price…

I am taking it for granted that your time & work will be a write off as “sweat equity”.

Good luck,


Layup and trim
Big question is Kevlar or Tuffweave and what layup? Were the seats originally buckets or cane or web? Sliding bow seat or fixed? Are the aluminum seat brackets still attached to the hull.Even with missing seats, an ultralight Kevlar hull is worth more than a cross-rib tuffweave Spirit. 86 is early enough for the standard bucket seats to be laid up glass or Kevlar depending on the hull, but lots of people wanted cane or web. Glass hull $350-400, Kevlar $700-800.


86 Spirit has a tuff weave fiberglass hull. With the Serial numbers Wenonah was able to tell me it originally had the cane fixed seats.

The aluminum seat brackets are still mounted on the sides and the gunwales look good. End caps are rough but no ripples in hull.

Anything else I should be looking for?

I have been waiting for a used Spirit or Spirit 2 for a while but they just don’t seem to come up that often around here (Maine).

Thanks for the help

How much do they want?

Canoes that old can have serious problems if they are not aluminum. I won’t pay much for it. $300 tops. $200 would be better because it may come apart eventually.