Need Help With Trip Suggestion

Hey All, I just found out I do not have to work this weekend and will have a 3 day weekend. I am new to the area and need help finding a place to do some canoeing with the family. I can travel to northern MN or WI. I am looking to do a 1 or 2 night easy paddle trip. Something that doesn’t require permits with limited availability. I do have a MN canoe tag. Thanks for any suggestions. GD

Namekagon River
Try the Namekagon river in Northwest Wisconsin. It’s a great little river with sand and rock bottom and clear water, great fishing and wildlife. There are numerous campsites on the river maintained by the NPS. It flows into the St. Croix which is another fun river to do.

I have done it and was leaving as a last resort. I was hoping for a lake type setting. I appreciate the recommendations. I may call some outfitters in the morning.

Sylvania Wilderness
Have you looked at Sylvannia Wilderness in the U.P. or the Northern Highlands American Legion Forest in Wisconsin. They are both lake type settings. the Northern Highlands combines both some rivers and lakes to make different trails. It has designated campsites.

Anywhere in the BWCA. Seriously, just show up, get your permit for any entry point and go.

Otherwise, you don’t need permits for the Twin Lakes just outside of Grand Marais. Feels like the BWCA, looks like the BWCA, has campsites like the BWCA, it’s just outside the BWCA.