Need help with whitewater park proposal

Reading, PA is undergoing an effort to revitalize the area around the Schuylkill river which passes through the western edge of the city. I opened my mouth and suggested a whitewater park and now have been asked give recommendations/proposal to those leading the effort. There are interesting options including an old race that drops about 10’ along its 600ft length.

I think we need a professional evaluation early on but that typically means $$.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


Part of my job involves review of
proposals and so i am a typical beuracrat who can’t spell the word. I too have thought of the same idea and know of one project being talked about for Norther Vancouver Island area. Your right, money is a big issue. Other ones that come to mind are environmental assessments, land ownership, levels of government, planning etc. One word that comes to mind is “partnerships”. Getting other interested parties to share the costs and work etc.

Come To Reno!
You should come on out to Reno and study the WW park there…Or at least you can tell your wife that!

Cool thanks…
send me the tickets

Seems Like AW Would Be Logical
to ask for suggestions and possible technical Assistance. JoeMess (Andrew) has been researching/working for the past year on getting scheduled dam releases on a river section that has been diverted. He may be someone also to talk to.


Thanks Sing
I just e-mailed Kevin colburn who’s from PA and looks like the Northeast contact person

A proposed Dayton park…

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..might find something useful. Good luck!

Contact GWC about Lock32
Up near Pittsford Ny (outside of Rochester)there’s a white water park called Lock 32 (water from the Erie Canal feeds the spillway for the run). GWC up in Rochester has quite a bit of information on it as does Friends of Lake Ontario Watershed (FLOW) and either can put you in touch with not only the folks who run the park but the folks who designed it.

On weekends (Fri-Sun)Theres an hour wait for a run…it’s that popular.

I’ve communicated with someone up there. If I’m not mistaken that was a private project, but another resource nonetheless