Need help X factor or Stealth 12

I’ve been looking at kayaks lately and have settled on either the Malibu X factor or Stealth 12. I’m 6’1" and about 330 lbs. I intend to fish rivers and nearby lakes, as well as recreational floats with friends. As of now I have no plans to do any saltwater paddling, but later this summer a trip to the beach may sound like a good idea.

I can’t decide on which boat to buy. Please help

not having paddled either
i can only think that at the same weight,

59 v. 60 lbs and beam 33" , i would go with the x-factor at 14’ rather than the 12 footer.

that being said, i would paddle each boat first, then decide.

How to try
How do I go about finding yaks to demo? I dont know anyone who has one, and i think the nearest Malibu dealer is 90 miles away from me.