Need Help

I would like some unbiased words of advice. I am 160 lbs and have been using a LiquidLogic Pocket Rocket…and of course…am always pearling. So time for another boat only there isn’t much available here for me to try out because of my location. I would like some sound advice for how close/far I should be from the max of the weight range of a kayak. As far as skill level goes I can front surf/back surf and spins…nothing else yet but would like to get into more intermediate moves like blunts and so forth. I was told that ZG48 would still be to small. I have been looking at the Space Cadet and the Vision 56. I’m open to hearing it all…please someone set me straight. Thanks

pretty limited number of whitewater
boaters on this site id and then a smaller number of playboaters even still of which i am not. I don’t even know what a blunt is. You might consider posting your question to boatertalk. Some of the playboaters i see around are using WV Transformer, EZ, EZG, Bliss Stick - Flip Stick, Pyranha Sub something or another and more. See you on the river.

Hey man maybe I can help…
I run a kayak shop in Alabama and I run accross people in your shoes all the time. I feel that as far as weight is concerned, if you are going to be on one end or the other, it is better to be closer to the top end of the weight capacity on a boat. It is really better to be somewhere in the middle, but if you have to be on one end or the other, be heavy. The reason is because you are usually tighter in the boat and you will get more response out of the boat. Most of the time, when guys are on the light end of a boats capacity, they are trying to get farther out of the water so that they can do bigger loops and stuff. Some boats that would be good to look at are the Pyranah 4-twenty(Small/Maedium)with a weight range from 100-190lbs, the Riot Nitro with a weight range of 130-180lbs, the Wave Sport Project 52 with a range of 130-170lbs, The Liquid Logic Vision 44 with a range of 100-170lbs, and the Fluid Flirt Medium with a range of 120-190lbs. This will get you started and they are all really good boats. Where are you located? If you have any questions or if I can help you out at all, please don’t hesitate to call me Tues-Fri 9-7 CST and Sat.-9-5 CST. I also have several boats that are on sale right now and if you wanted one of the boats that I have on sale, I could ship you a boat if you are in the USA. Go to the sale items page on my website and give me a shout if you need any help.