need ideas-binocular mount

I know this teeters precariously on the edge of being WAY off topic but I’ve researched every other outlet and haven’t come up with much. I have a pair of bushnell falcon 10x50 binoculars that I like to carry when I paddle/camp. I spend a lot of time just sitting and watching wildlife and I’ve found that after awhile it’s hard to hold them still enough to keep a steady image for very long. I’ve seen a lot of setups that use a 90 degree adapter with a regular tripod. The problem is, my binoculars don’t have a tripod mount on them. Where most tripod mounts are located on most binoculars, I have a 1/2" male threaded post with fine threads. Any ideas on how I could engineer some kind of portable mounting system?

Here ya go…


Eagle Optics carries something called the Cardoza Sure-Lock Binoculars mount, which sounds like it should work for you. I don’t know if your bins are porro prism or roof prism, but they have a mount for each style. See if this link works.

thanks guys! They both look like they should work. I’ve been googling binocular mount/adapter/rest for days and just keep coming up with those traditional mounts.

Thanks again!

Or the cheap solution
You could always cobble up a little platform out of scrap lumber, install a 1/4x20 socket or Tee nut, glue some padding to it and screw it to a light monopod, or a walking staff. Just rest your glasses on the setup.


I tried that…
but I wanted something a bit more secure. But your idea works well and is a great in-expensive fix!