Need info about registration in NJ

If anyone is from jersey maybe you could answer this question. A family member just gave me a 15 ft fiber glass canoe. I looked at the NJ motor vehicle site to see if i have to register this boat some how, it tells me anything over 12ft must be, except for canoes kayaks and inflatables. When looking up some places to go paddle, some sites such as Round Valley and Spruce run seem to require any boat over 12ft to be registered, period. Can someone clear this up for me please. I would love to put use to the canoe but would rather not get hit with any stupid fines from the State. Thanks!



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In Joisey yer don't need no steenkin' registration fer a canoe or kayak - "UNLESS" ye have a motor (gas or electric) on it. Will dat change in de future - who knows?


A second NO
as long as it is a non powered canoe, kayak, or emergency dinghy no need to register. Once you slap a motor on it though, everything changes.

IF you would take it into PA to paddle you have to get a PA Launch Use permit for non-powered craft, and don’t have to do a full registration. The use permit is good for 2 years, and is currently $18.


Round Valley
The permit needed for Round Valley is I think a fishing permit (even if you have no intention of fishing) because I think the NJ DFW owns the ramp. So it’s not really a canoe/kayak registration in NJ. As others have mentioned, no need to register your canoe in NJ…


Correction to that!
In Pennsylvania you need a launch permit or a state registration, when you are at a PA Fish and Boat Commission maintained access area. You don’t need the permit or registration to be on the water. There are lots of places to access Pennsylvania waters without using PA F&BC boat ramp.

the only fee

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is for a parking permit, however, if you have a current NJDFW fishing, hunting, or trapping permit, a copy may be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle as a substitute for a parking permit.
The fee for the 'parking permit' is close to the same price as a fishing license so many folks just opt for the fishing license & display a copy on their dashboard, which is what I would recommend (provides more options)
'Boat registration' is not required at this time for self-propelled kayaks or canoes (of any length) in NJ, although that could change.

hope this helps... enjoy

from; a working stiff in the NJ Park System

(please note also, there are separate fees for camping if you chose to do so)

Thanks alot for all the great info folks!